Frugalis Creativus Founder and Pencils for Africa Founder and the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team’s Presentation to Google

On Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014, representatives of the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team reached a milestone in their pioneering work by receiving the opportunity to make a presentation to Google!


Left to Right:

Nicolas, Emma, Carolyn, Carly, Karim Ajania, Founder of Frugalis Creativus, Charlotte, Colin

Four members of the team represented the Pencils for Africa Editorial Team in the presentation:

Nicolas, Carly, Colin and Charlotte.


Charlotte, Carly, Colin and Nicolas after the Google presentation lunch

The presentation was made to a number of Google representatives including our hosts at Google, Carolyn Au and Emma Bindloss. After a tour by Emma and Carolyn of various aspects of the Google facilities, the group got lunch at the Google cafeteria after which they headed up to a conference hall where Nicolas, Carly, Colin, Charlotte and Molly gave presentations to the Google team.

To view a summary of Nicolas, Carly, Colin, Charlotte and Molly’s presentations click here.


The moms of Nicolas and Charlotte, Joyce and Elizabeth, were in attendance, as were Ms. Weitzman, photographers Erik and Sarah and out-of-town PFA Board Member Molly, who flew in specially from New York to give her presentation on the Young Journalist Program of which Molly is the Editor-in-Chief.

To view Molly’s website of the Young Journalist Program click here.


Nicolas’s mom Joyce, Nicolas, Colin, Carly, Charlotte, Charlotte’s mom Elizabeth