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Karim Ajania, center, the Founder and Executive Director of Frugalis Creativus

Frugalis Creativus is a diverse international community of innovators and inventors, artists and artisans, environmentalists and engineers, thinkers and tinkerers. These are people whom I have had the privilege to get to know and to work with over two decades, within research laboratories such as the Media Lab at MIT where I was a graduate student and researcher and where I received my Master of Science degree.


innovators and inventors
artists and artisans
environmentalists and engineers
thinkers and tinkerers

Frugalis Creativus is committed to making the world a better place, not necessarily in grand sweeping schemes, but, preferably, in modest and mindful, pioneering and prudent, effective and efficient, models of economic and educational development. This website features models within various phases of development, from the research and development phase, to the more mature and accomplished phases.

All of these models of development have in common the essential ethic of frugality and the innovative ingredient of creativity. The more the investment of frugality and the more the investment of creativity, the stronger and more sustainable become these models of economic and educational development.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website!

Karim Ajania

Founder and Executive Director

Frugalis Creativus